Christopher Gardner Net Worth

Christopher Gardner Net Worth : $60 Million

Christopher Gardner Net Worth
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American entrepreneur and investor Christopher Gardner has a Net Worth of whooping $60 Million. He is also an author and a motivational speaker. Christopher Paul Gardner was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was brought up in not so favorable environment. He started his career from being part of Navy of United States Of America. There he learned to run a research laboratory. He handled laboratory and did various surgical techniques all by himself.

Christopher Gardner Net Worth and his source of earning :

Thus later on he was the one who handled the entire lab and would manage easily. In those days he began stock trading and was successful in that. He earned enough to buy a Ferrari for himself. But to reach these position he had to go through bad or lets say worst days. Gardner has even been homeless for a while but he didn’t give up. Thus today he is owner of million dollar homes. Indulging in stock trading changed his fortune and made him a millionaire today. Now he owns his own stock trading company Gardner Rich & Co in Chicago Illinois.

Christopher Gardner Net Worth and his tough personal life :

Talking a bit about his personal life he was married to Sherry Dyson. But due to some personal reason the marriage didn’t last, meanwhile he had an extra Martial affair with Jackie Medina. He got a kid from her extra Martial affair whom he raised. Christopher has two children Jacintha and Christopher. He has raised his kids as a single father while he was struggling for his professional career too.

But he didn’t give up on any of them, nor his professional career nor his personal life. He had to go through very bad days as it was tough to raise kids single evenhandedly while being broke. His struggle to become a millionaire stock trader from a homeless father is shown in a movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”. The movie is inspired from his struggles in real life. He has also been featured in a documentary film Come On Down: Searching for the American Dream.

Christopher Gardner Net Worth and his life struggles and achievements :

Today he is one of the successful Entrepreneur, Stockbroker,Motivational speaker, Writer and a Philanthropist. This is indeed inspiring how he managed to make a million dollar net worth from his homelessness. He has wrote a book named The Pursuit of Happiness which was later turned in to a super hit movie. Indeed hi entire life story mentioned in inspiring enough for anyone who is demotivated.

It was finally his fatherhood that made him what he is today. He went on to become a stock broker and became the master finally starting a company. The most important thing about Christopher Gardner is despite falling several times he has raised high. From being broke and homeless he has made a net worth of astounding $60 Million. He is still running his firm successfully and he may make much more net worth in future.

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