Flavor Flav Net Worth

Flavor Flav Net Worth : $10 Million

Flavor Flav Net Worth
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American rapper Flavor Flav has made a Net Worth of astounding $10 Million on his name. He was born and raised in Free port, Long Island New York. Flavor Flav did not have a normal childhood but that didn’t stop him from learning what he was passionate about. He started learning whatever he could in the field of music from musical instruments to singing. During his college day Flavor Flav met Carlton Ride hour and were accompanied in a college radio show project.

It was like the duo were made for each other and after coming together they started rapping together and till date do it together. The duo is famous as Flavor Flav and Chuck D and together they literally rock. Flavor Flav and Chuck D signed with Def Jam Records in 1986 and became ‘Public Enemy’. It became one of the highly recognized group of the hip hop world. Public Enemy became famous from their debut album Yo! Bum Rush the Show itself. That was the boosting point of their career and went on to many more albums till date. Public Enemy gave nine albums till date and have given around three platinum.

Flavor Flav Net Worth and his overall earnings :

Talking about his life time earnings and assets till date he has been a successful hip hop rapper. He has made net worth majorly from his rapping but not much details about his earnings from his music work has been stated. But for his reality show The Surreal Life he was paid somewhere around $25000. His love affair that made him famous gave him some more reality shows like ‘Strange Love’.

He was paid somewhere around $50,000 salary for his appearance in Strange Love. Flav then went on to appear in Flavor of Love for which he started earning $100,000. Thus his demand as well as salary keeps rising with each show. He is now a well known rapper as well as Television star which all makes him worth a $10 Million.

Flavor Flav Net Worth and his controversial personal life :

Talking about his personal life he met actress Brigitte Neilsen on the sets of VH1 reality show The Surreal Life. There they fell in love and they started dating. But the relationship wasn’t that successful but it gave him another show Flavor of Love which lasted for three seasons. Their relationship became the talk of the town and fame of show. Also not many people know that Flav was also a heavy drug abuser.

But he got totally clean from all his drug abuse cases by 2004. He is known for his unique style and claims to be the fashion icon of hip hop artists. Flav wears unique accessories for his performances which ultimately turn out to be in trend. Flavor Flav is still active in the industry and dedicate working. But now he is more focused on reality shows than his rapping work and makes good money from it. Thus his current net worth of $10 Million will keep rising with the flowing time.

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