Jack Black Net Worth

Jack Black Net Worth : $40 Million

Jack Black Net Worth
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American actor, producer, comedian Jack Black has a net worth of $40 Million. Thomas Jacob Black now popular as Jack Black was born in Santa Monica, California, US. His parent were engineers and worked as satellite engineers. Jack’s childhood didn’t go as expected because his parents divorced when he was just ten years old. He then lived with his father and they both visited his mother on long intervals. While studying Crossroads School he got involved in to Drama. Jack then quit his education to give full time in acting.

Jack Black Net Worth and his tough beginning :

His father was not at all happy with his decision and topped him from that. But all he wanted to do was acting and thus his father stopped supporting him in any ways. He somehow managed to be independent by all ways and into acting. Jack appeared first time on Television on TV sitcom called “Mr. Show”. It was his debut show which gave him recognizance in the entertainment world. Then he got other shows like Northern Exposure, The X-Files, Picket Fences and some other.

Jack started getting more famous and wealthier from each new show. He also started getting offers for various movies. Jack was seen in some hit movies like High Fidelity, Shallow Hal, School of Rock , King Kong, Nacho Libre, Tropic Thunder, Bernie and the Kung Fu Panda. Not only these he has also been part of music industry and is a face behind Tenacious D, a rock band/stand up routine. So may it be onscreen or off screen he has been successful in his career.

Jack Black Net Worth and his overall earnings and assets :

Talking about his life time earnings and assets he majorly made them all from acting. He started acting from his debut TV show ‘Mr.Show’. Jack’s net worth had began growing since then but then he started earning majorly from 2000 when he started appearing in movies. He charged a whooping $2,50,000 for his work in High Fidelity in the year 2000. Around $3 Million were added to his overall net worth in 2001 from salaries of his two movies Shallow Hal and Saving Silver man. Another $2 Million were added to his bank accounts in 2002 from his Salary from Orange County.

Jack Black Net Worth and his life time career  achievements :

He has achieved peaks in his acting career and has been nominated and won several awards. He has been nominated for Golden Globe award twice in his career. Apart from that he has also won MTV Movie Award and Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award. By winning these he proved his father that he took the right decision. Even his father would be now proud of him and his achievements in the field of Entertainment. Today Jack Black is one of the recognized Hollywood Celebrity with a huge net worth of $40 Million and counting. So these Actor, Film and Television producer, Musician, Screenwriter, Comedian, Musician, Record producer and writer has proved himself and his father that he was made for these.

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